“The Dancing” #Poetry #Poem


Dancing to heal yourself and to heal others,
and you won’t stop but you’re exhausted.
Sweat burns your eyes, drips from your chin,
but its salty moisture is welcome in your mouth.

If you stop it all comes apart,
and from your collapse will fall a domino
path, a centrifugal wave of desperation,
of outcry, of tears.

If you stop others may stop,
some may never begin this dance
that strengthens, that feeds the spirit,
that heals the world, that draws the lines,
that reinforces the ties that connect
and hold us together no matter where
we are, that holds us up when we
are tired, when we are hurt.

It renews us as we may rest a time,
we may slow, we may even at times falter
but some never fall.
Even if lost for a time in death,
their final expelled energy 
charges the heart, mind and fills the veins
of the other dancers

Who are all sizes, all shapes, all colors,
these persons who understand, who know,
who utterly believe that every single
one of us matters… and we do.

Even when we are not dancing with our feet,
visibly moving our bodies, we are always dancing
in our minds, in our hearts,
and with a song and prayer on on lips.
The songs and prayers are in our steps,
in our words, any words.

And that why we must be so careful with our words,
any words, anything we say, for our whole life
or very existence depends on the dance,
and continues the dance.
The dance that weaves and binds and connects,
and speaks and strengthens and heals,
and binds us together.
All who know and understand
the importance of the dance?

They know the Dancing is the same the universe over,
not simplistic, not primitive,
but complex.
Infinitely complex and powerful.