Recurring Spider Dreams & Interpretations

The dream I had was this: I am in a kitchen, which is rather shadowy and like one I remembered from my childhood. I am standing near a counterop looking out through shuttered windows that must have afternoon sun outside them. I focused back in closer, and I realize there is a small spider hanging […]

Dreams of Death

A vision or dream of death, yours or someone else’s, isn’t always representative of that eventuality. Just as in Tarot, drawing the card of death doesn’t necessarily mean death is impending. Falling from a high point to what must be death on impact is a common recurrent theme expressed to therapists or others. Sometimes dreams […]

New Release “The Angel of Berlin” by Red Haircrow

Written entirely and exactly from a dream I experienced, “The Angel of Berlin”, is my latest release from Flying With Red Haircrow, published 23 May 2011.  As it combines magical realism and speculative aspects in a contemporary setting, it was curious to consider which genre it more closely fit. Maybe it’s in a category of […]

War Babies

I was nearly on-time. A fact he remarked on as he stood in the station and I stepped off the train at Prenzlauer Alleé. My very long-haired Italian friend looked at his wristwatch in a pointed manner, then pronounced his favorite connector for a change of subject, in English: “Well, okay!” He was Italian, but […]

Three Dreams & A Decision

  At a certain time in my life the library was my favorite place to be. As a child, both my parents worked long hours and since we were too small to go with them or it wasn’t allowed, when it was necessary, we were dropped off at the library and had to basically stay […]