Recurring Spider Dreams & Interpretations

Spider Woman by Susan Seddon Boulet
Spider Woman by Susan Seddon Boulet

The dream I had was this: I am in a kitchen, which is rather shadowy and like one I remembered from my childhood. I am standing near a counterop looking out through shuttered windows that must have afternoon sun outside them. I focused back in closer, and I realize there is a small spider hanging from a webstring in front of my face. I immediately react, backing away then turn to the corner behind me only to find a larger spider hanging from another string.

This one I strike out at, to break the string so the spider can crawl away, but I wouldn’t injure it. But when I touch the string, my hand gets stuck. The string glimmers pearly white, so thin, but so strong! I continue trying to break my hand away from it, then fall to using both. The spider has fallen not to the floor, but to the countertop, and its slowly growing bigger and bigger before my eyes.

I desperately work at the string, which has now attached itself to my mouth. The string is grows stronger but is no longer smooth or silken. When I drag my fingers along it, razor barbs lift, so that my hands are held fast. Slowly, the spider begins creeping up the thread, its long black legs delicately moving. I am nauseated, desperate, almost fainting with dread and fear because I feel it wants to climb into my mouth, which I cannot open. I can’t scream for help.

Spiders are often messengers, some believe. I felt the dream was telling me something momentuous was coming, but it might not result in what I expected, whether for good or for ill. My friend, Ana, mentioned in the previous post, offering an intriguing idea: why not look at things from the spider’s perspective? Why does it want to get inside of you? What is trying to tell or bring to you?

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