Video: “Traces of Ice” by Ana Cristina Caelen (Piano Solo)

From a brilliant composer, musician, sound and voice therapist, Ana Cristina Caelen, her composition for piano: “Traces of Ice.” A Mexican and Belgian unique mix, she also has red hair, and is one of the most extraordinary people I’ve met, and since it happened so completely by chance, it’s even more special.

The video uses my photography, some of which is posted here in various photo journal entries, of my favorite lake, Scharmützelsee, Germany.

More about the artist: Ana Cristina Caelen is a composer, improvisor, sound therapist and writer. She teaches Vocal Improvisation and Contemplative Art through the voice, sound and music. Website: Please take the time to visit her website, which is in Spanish and English.

Latest News:

12 August: Live concert with Ana Cristina Caelen at Casa Dakini:
Tibetan Bowls and Vocal Improvisation

2 thoughts on “Video: “Traces of Ice” by Ana Cristina Caelen (Piano Solo)

    1. I don’t know how to be anyone else but me except for very specific circumstances, but then even so, it is still an aspect of me I can rarely show. I wish you the very best in everything and hope you find many other things, people, ideas, etc to inspire you to creativity.

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