Silhouettes & Sunset at Scharmützelsee

Referencing the previous post Fading Summer, Finding New Songs & Flying Crows posting a few more photos of my spur of the moment trip to the lakeside. All photos are by me, and please do not use them without permission especially (and you know who you are) do not save and upload them as your own […]

Photos: Cooling At Müggelsee & Cuba in Berlin

When it’s hotter in Berlin than it’s been all year. When you’ve worked long and hard at more than one job and there’s still more to do. When certain aspects of bureaucratic non-sense at the university adminstration office  plus the subjectivity of empowered online know-it-alls makes you just want to laugh at the sheer absurdity […]

Back At Scharmützelsee: Germany (Photos)

As much as I love Scharmützelsee, the lake I’ve written about numerous times here (for example, Night On the Lake), I was somewhat ambivalent about going this trip. Only a relatively short ride: by bus, then S-bahn (local) train, a change to an inter-regional train and then to yet another bus…well, it’s a relatively short […]