How can one justify taking photos of a dying girl?

“Ghouls Took Photos of Dying Suicide Girl”

Even though I read of many sad events, tragedies, and have experienced some myself. Have, in my former professional, seen things which burn into your mind and will never leave, it’s impossible to erase them, there are few things which shock me anymore.

No, that’s not the right term, I get shocked and surprised all the time, whether it’s by someone’s action, deeds or behaviour. Not dismayed, just shocked that people consider themselves intelligent or objective, and do such deplorable things, but this story just stopped me cold.

I have a child which has been bullied for years because they are different. If you’ve read along before, it’s primarily because they are gender variant or intersexed. The cruel things said, the things perpetrated against him by other children and even some adults is maddening, frustrating, painful for me also. I live now to keep him alive, have fought through the suicide attempts, the cutting, the rages and tears. People who minimize cruel teasing, verbal and cyber bullying, the ignoring and deliberate ostrazation of some children by others and how it effects children are only part of the problem.

In this cyber, über media age, after a young girl, 15 years old, suffering from depression after a long history of being bullied and disappointments jumped from a carpark to her death… as she lay dying from massive head injuries and her ex-boyfriend rushed to her side: SOME PEOPLE STOOD AND TOOK PHOTOS OF HER LAST MOMENTS ON THEIR CELLPHONES!

There are no words which can express my outrage, my fury at their thoughtlessness, their…I can’t put it into comprehensible sentences: idiocy, stupidity, lack of empathy, baseless, moronic, self-centred, heartless….unbelievable!

If you’ve ever seen someone whose jumped from a building, been near a bomb when it exploded, been hit by a car…. in person, standing there and you see it or it’s immediate aftermath ..It’s shocking.  The amount of blood is only one thing: the ruptures, the bones you shouldn’t see, the flesh suddenly empty…..?  The sounds stay with you also. The dying scream a 7 year old I worked the wreck for 17 years ago I can still hear with perfect clarity. I remember the promising 18 year old high school senior who burned to death in her car after being hit by a drunk driver who walked away without a scratch. I remember her pleads for help but the fire was too intense for us to reach her. I remember when her voice stopped.

And some of these people took pics.

How can anyone just stand and think it’s ok to take photos? How can someone just stand there and make the choice, then methodically take pics? Who are they making them for? What are you making them for?

Absolutely, no words. I’m sure the parents are beyond devastated. It’s not my child and I am devastated for them, but also floored by the insensitivity and idiocy of the photo makers. They’ll be online soon, just watch. And there will be those who laugh, jeer, or even see it as a novelty. What does it say for humanity? What does it say for the level of widespread lack of common sense? The lack of empathy for others. It’s what allows bullying to happen in the first place, and for it to be dismissed or seriousness of it minimized.

Think of their faces, those who took the photos. They are not the anti-socials, the deranged confined to a mental ward, or dangerous criminals, they are “every day” people. Average enough, mostly likely working with at least moderate education and money, after all they have picphones, and these were the ones taking pics. Terrifying, isn’t?

2 thoughts on “How can one justify taking photos of a dying girl?

  1. When suffering is obviously exploited some cringe. But suffering happens every instant of every day: factory farming, forced breeding, wartime rape, child trafficking, zoos, circuses, skinning animals alive for their furs and skins, cruel traps, foie gras, domestic abuse, cults and sacrifices. I mean, the list is endless. And all this passes deliberately UNDER the radar. It’s a very sick world. Period.

    1. Indeed suffering does happen every instant of every day, and not just wartime rapes, but all manner of crimes, all the time time. In many ways there are very sick people all over the world, but the world itself is not sick in my opinion. The world itself is the earth, and its being sickened by people who do such things as well as those who look the other way.

      But at the same time, if we let ourselves only see the evil and horrible. Let it make us cynical or bitter, we will miss the beauty that also takes place every single day, every instant of every day: the person who helps the other who fell down, the person who gives of themselves without asking anything in return, the hugs that someone may give or receive to help someone else feel better.

      So while I understand what you’re saying, but I do not agree with your overall assessment. Only seeing the negative is missing what is there all around us if we choose to look. The world is beautiful and capable of beauty. We, each, have to do everything we can to perpetrate that beauty and not be overruled or overrun by the bad.

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