My Messages For Hop Against Homophobia

Since I’d already written an article, “The Inter & Trangender Question in GLBT Communities” which I felt was relevant for discussions of homophobia and transphobia, I included my giveaway in it’s introduction. My angle is from a “blow-by-blow” not having to just battle homophobes but from also within the GLBTIIQ community, those who say they represent but do not obviously understand the range of what that means and who it may encompass outside of their “sphere” and favorites and choose to try to hurt and vilify gays who don’t fit into their ideas of how gays should be or what they should do or believe.

Anyone who posts a relevant comment to the article is offered a free copy of my latest release, a biography of a young, gay deaf Russian, “Silence In Multi-Colored In My World,” if they should wish it, but it is certainly not mandatory. My point in joining the Hop Against Homophobia is to highlight how bias and discrimination exists inside the GLBTIIQ communities and groups also. It is even more terrible when those like I have to fight the outside, and then those people who say they support GLBTIIQ writers and their works, without taking the time to even research and understand different viewpoints or perspectives.

Another article of interest which addresses a far more subtle but, what I believe to be more actively widespread, is that of homo-ignorance: “Home-Ignorance: Are You Part of the Problem?” This is the idea that misinformation, assumptions and stereotypes that are held and spread, even by those who feel themselves open-minded and supportive of GLBTIIQ communities in general, but need to also extend that wider to include individuals. No one should have to endure mislabels, discrimination or bias even from within “their own” communities by those who haven’t yet understood we are all unique.

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