Daddy Hemingway & Bad Bitches Club Gig, Puro Sky Lounge-Berlin, Germany

We rolled at the Daddy Hemingway gig at Puro Skye Lounge, at the Europe Center in Berlin, Germany on Friday, 26 July 2013.

Daddy and Yahna by Red Haircrow
Daddy and Yahna by Red Haircrow


And so, our motley crew confounded the downstairs security presence, but we made it through with our V.I.P. wristbands. Later we met the legend Daddy Hemingway; again for Luca, but it was the first time for me.

Before the Gig by Red Haircrow
Before the Gig by Red Haircrow

Of unobtrusive appearance, mellow and wise in movement, Hemingway had, after a long, long day of unlucky hapstance arrived, and headed upstairs to the dressing room along with the documentarian who was recording everything for an upcoming film about the man.

He sat and talked and listened and laughed, and after a long pull of nicely chilled, classically bottled Coca-Cola, stated with pleasure and relief, “A wonderful thing” which phrase might be used to describe the man himself. If I had to use just one word, it would be, “Real.”

Rich voice with the assuredness of decades of experience, Hemingway gathered himself up, stepped up to the mike, and clearly did what was in his blood to do: sing, entertain, perform, and in doing so, educate also. With Queen Yahna joining in as a guest singer, an exceptional person, singer, songwriter and actor whom I’d been privileged to hear sing at Quasimodo’s a few months ago, Puro’s crowd was treated to a range of songs by seasoned veterans who have the ability to make you feel the music, not just hear it. More photos and videos below, all copyright to me of course.

After the set, when we’d walked through a few doors of the interconnected dance rooms/clubs of Puro, we’d been followed by a couple of young men who were interested but confused by Hemingway’s appearance.

One asked, “Is that Samuel L. Johnson? We heard he was here!”

“It IS Samuel L. Jackson,” corrected his friend.

Daddy Hemingway & Bad Bitches Club will be playing a set on 1 August 2013 at Kater-Holzig, just down from Jannowitzbrucke in Berlin. It starts at 19h, or 7pm.

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