A Far Cut Above the Average “Corner Kniepe”: Martinique Restaurant & Bar

Red Glasses by Red Haircrow
Red Glasses by Red Haircrow

Berlin has traditionally been known for its many restaurants, bars, and cafès, among other things, but in this modern age of intense gentrification and money demanding change in some areas, Martinique Restaurant & Bar is actively resisting that trend.

Where historical neighborhoods are losing their souls and hearts with the huge influx of people arriving who, instead of enjoying their new home as it is, are attempting to force their own needs, culture (or lack of) upon the city, Martinique is an island in the storm, rather like its namesake from the Caribbean.

On Monday, 14 October, Thomas Nolff, the chef and manager of Martinique, yet again displayed the unique ability of being able to combine excellent cooking in an elegant but simple and relaxed setting. All You Can Eat Venison, with traditional sides, for just 12€ was a hit, and people lined up in buffet style to enjoy a finely prepared meal!

Yet Martinque has much more to offer, and regularly does, as you may have gathered from some of my other posts. Musical evenings featuring bands such as The 105 Lenz-Kubach-Johnson Jazz Trio, The Berliner Japs or the Bojan Assenov Quartet. They also have a terrasse, pool table, and viewscreens for those afternoons and evenings where football is back “on the map”, as they are supporters of FC Bayern Munich, so games are broadcast live here when they take place, as well as various sporting events. Need a place to celebrate your birthday, wedding or celebration? Martinique can cover you.

But again, it’s not just about what Martinique offers by way of food, or a footie match or a place to have a drink. It is the character and spirit of the place, in it’s regulars,  where you can be recognized and greeted by name, and invited to pull up a chair. Martinique is the place wherever we have been, we might end up and are welcomed, very often by Thomas himself, its indispensable and indefatigible leader.

Martinique View by Red Haircrow
Martinique View by Red Haircrow

Located on the often lively corner of Kreuzberger and Monumenten, winter or summer, alone or with friends, Martinique Restaurant & Bar is a place that if you’re a real person looking for a great part of the real Berlin: its one of the best. See you there sometimes!

Restaurant Martinique
Monumentenstraße 29
10965 Berlin Kreuzberg

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