#Research #Report – “Effects of Ethnicity-Related Experiences on Native or #Indigenous People”

A research report I completed this summer “Effects of Ethnicity-Related Experiences on Native or Indigenous People”, for an Educational Research course in my graduate degree. The extent in which teachers do little or nothing for the child subjected to racist behaviors in their classrooms and in schools, from staff and other students, is completely unacceptable.

ABSTRACT – “The purpose of this study of adult First Nations/Native Americans is to determine the effects of ethnicity-related experiences while attending school (K-12) and long-term consequences after graduation or leaving school. The type, source and quality or severity of the experiences will also be examined to determine how, when/if and where these past experiences had an impact in their adult lives, responsibilities and relationships. Eight men and women between the ages of 20 and 49 participated in this study, who are enrolled, related by blood or self-identify as Native or being of indigenous American origin or heritage.”

Read the FULL REPORT here.