Cognitive Dissonance, Mob Mentality & Standing Together

You know, the basic thing is, with cognitive dissonance, the defense of racism, fetishization, exploitation, capitalism, even when stacks of evidence, testimony is presented? It is that most white people cannot accept that their governments, their schools, their societies have strategically, purposely miseducated, misrepresented & harmed POC for their self-interest, which is entirely a fabricated excuse.

It’s not outright hatred, it’s not maliciousness or intent to harm. Just like the stupid cartoons, the satire, the stereotypes, etc. It is self-interest with the willingness to delude and be deluded so as not to face the horror of what they have wrought & which they’ve benefited from. That’s a hard ass thing to face.

It takes courage, it takes strength, it takes humility & a love for more people than just oneself or those who look like oneself. It takes a love of humanity, of our environment and everything contained within, and the willingness to stop anything or anyone who harms it, by intent or complacency.

This is the kind of love so many POC & ethnic cultures hold within themselves & extend to others despite centuries of genocide, oppression & trauma. It’s LOVE & best wishes for ALL children that keeps us fighting for a better Now and Future, despite debilitation, hardship, loss & suffering, because we believe in a better future for ALL peoples.

This can only be achieved by recognition & hard, HARD work by more white people. Hard work POC have been doing for centuries without thanks, recognition & appreciation. While the USA was founded on stolen, indigenous blood-soaked land, a nation founded on slavery. This came first before white peoples of all national origins claimed ignored that hard work and oppression, then opened their created borders to ALL the hungry, thirsty & poor….until it was more brown folks.

It’s not out of the goodness of our hearts, as if it’s on surplus we offer. It is from our very blood, bones & tears. To have it thrown back in your face when you speak out of your pain to try to help, shouldn’t be mocked or derided. That shameless POS like this mock you is? I feel so sorry for them. That’s all that have & it can only be sustained by greater hubris, self-delusion & boosted by those who don’t want to think & feel. They are the product of the American school system. The American dream. American society. It’s ugly. It’s finite.

It reminds me yet again of the words said about Native peoples at Standing Rock, which was no loss for the People & allies of the Earth in terms up strengthening, for it strengthened resolve & wider awareness that we all must fight these corporations, governments, patriarchies, cliqués, fraternies or whatever it is that harms the Earth, our animal friends and humanity as a whole. They mock, they deride, they have to boost themselves in groups because even just ONE OF US will stand up against their tyranny.

They cannot fathom that, although they can revere their Joan of Arc’s and William Wallace’s, or even a Tecumseh’s of Native heritage, because he is safely in the past. They cannot abide the same in POC today, and even liberals who believe themselves anti-racist call it “being divisive” to point out a problem of racism or the historical context and current reality of racism, white supremacist ideology, behavior and privilege. The herd of elephants in the room.

Just to hurt, abuse, mock or even kill, because they have that power, they know it & it’s why they laugh. To make empty cases, claim mistreatment, reverse racism etc. It is not because they are right. They rarely claim to be right. They just use the power gained from the brutality of their ancestors & peers. That’s why they can never stand alone.

They must gather together in packs, in mobs to volley back and forth self-boosting delusions and lies about their superiority. They even fall upon any white peers who dare to stand against their misogyny, hatred, patriarchy and xenophobia, who has awakened and tries to rise above and change.

We have to support each other in bringing down and ending the systems of oppression that have harmed and continue to harm everyone and everything on Earth, and even the Earth itself. Self-honesty is the first step.