Debating Whether Systemic Racism & Racist Practices are harmful or not? NO!

I’ve received many requests in the past weeks for comment on Karl May festivals, hobbyism and situations, as well as offers to sit panels debating hobbyism, cultural appropriation and exploitation. These include Bild, Stern and Bayern 2 radioWelt, some of the biggest news and media sources in Germany.

I declined them ALL, for exactly the reason below, and told them whenever they’re ready to write an article on Native or other POC not just as stereotypes or entertainment for white context, I would be more than happy to do so.

It is a privileged, Eurocentric position to believe debating whether the humiliation, dehumanization and objectification of other peoples is actually true, and/or being only interested in an opinion of a POC to place context on colonial/racist behaviors and practices.

Post shared from Ijeoma Oluo:

“I will not belittle myself or others by buying into the notion that we need to debate in 2019 whether or not systemic racism is real. If you don’t know, when we are being crushed right in front of you, it’s because you don’t want to know.

Our life, our dignity, our humanity, and our worthiness of justice is not something I will debate. I will not let this conversation be continuously brought down to 101 levels where we have to prove that we deserve to be heard while our people are dying.

If you think you are owed a debate in this, you are a part of the problem.”

Check out her book, “So you want to talk about race?” for more on this and other inter-connected topics. (LINK) Seal Press.