Write of a review of your own work? The Self-Critique

Here’s my review of “Katrdeshtr’s Redemption”, The Night Cat, Book One, written by me. Description: Ancient, brutal beauty, Katrdeshtr the Night Cat, Russian vampire and incorrigible mischief maker turns to old pleasures to relieve his eternal boredom, yet when his sometimes partner finds a new love, satisfaction takes on new meaning. This change of events […]

Review: Mate Hunger by Marisa Chenery, Book 2 in Ra’s Chosen Series

Although I had not read the first book in Marisa Chenery’s “Ra’s Chosen” series, it was not difficult to understand the unique words and phrases used to describe certain activities by the warriors because explanations were smoothly inserted. Easing into the tale was simple and I had high hopes after reading the first dozen or […]

4 Stories Down, 4 Stories Up by Sara Elizabeth

      The quirkiness of this brief set of experiences displayed as memory “vignettes” had a straightforward delivery that made me smile even though my heart contracted with bittersweet emotion when I sensed what would inevitably happen between the two main characters. As the author’s character fell in love, I fell in love. As […]

Review of “Daryk Hunter” by Denise A. Agnew

Review: Initially, I found it difficult to get into “Daryk Hunter”. The primary plot was clear: Ketera needed to save her father, despite being shipwrecked and summarily “acquired” by Dane Charger, the Daryk One—in addition to various adventures, further captures, deliverances and escapes along the way. But I was left with the feeling of seeing […]