Poem: Spring Lament

Another year of days has passed, days now longer and which the sun truly warms, again branches blossom. Looking up into their pale glory I think to ask: has it been so long since last we walked together beneath greening trees and through cool grass still wet with morning dew? My heart knows the answer […]

Poem: January 26th by Red Haircrow

One of eight of my poems published in Sibling Rivalry Press’ Assaracus poetry magazine, Issue 09, (10 Jan 2013).   JANUARY 26th The taste of tears, in a room, on a bed, through my fingers the light rises and falls: silvered blush to shadeless gray, the unspoken suffering bleeds the skin hue and drains away. […]

Poem: Two Girls by Red Haircrow

I wrote this poem, which will be part of my forthcoming poetry collection CORE,  long before I read the search term leading someone to this website, it was, “Red Haircrow’s connection to Nazis?” I have no connection to Nazis. I have, however, been a long time student and researcher regarding pre- and post-WW2 Germany and […]

Poem: Dementia by Red Haircrow

DEMENTIA I have gone mad and shall die that way. I have felt the murderous legends move. Wild with misery, misery, misery, agonies of then, that time in the dark when passion and sin and brutality ruled the night: And took and took my soul, my life. This is the poem I wrote as a […]