2 March in #Berlin a #Fokusgruppengespräche on Cross-Cultural Solidarity – I’ll be on panel

Organized by and at Xart Splitta, Red Haircrow will participate in a Fokusgruppengespräche with others. The theme? Cross cultural solidarity – “The idea is an open conversation/discussion’s main goal
will be to work out the current “needs, wishes, demands” in regard to cross-community solidarity.”

Moderated by Xart Splitta, other panelists will also include Mai Zeidani-Yufanyi, Diane Izabiliza, Isidora Randjelović, Zwoisy Mears-Clarke, Ouassima Laabich and Olga Gerstenberger. It will take place in English and German, and there will be a hot soup, sweet & savoury snacks and hot & cold drinks. The event lasts from 16:30-19:30.

The aim of the event is to continue to gather resources, and increase networking in a cross-cultural way, including a wide range of point of views and topics shared such as ending racism, patriarchy, “oppression olympics” and intra- and inter-racial conflict in activism and society.