Call For Video Clips for #Documentary Project: “ALMOST” – Nov. 11th Deadline

For a new short documentary called “Almost”, I’m issuing a call and invitation to participate in a simple, but what I believe will be an effective finale. I ‘m seeking short videos of people recording themselves saying a phrase. Videos can be sent to contact (at) The deadline is November 11, 2018. Your video: Approximately […]

Call For Submissions #NativeAmerican #Indigenous #Film & Multimedia Screening Opportunity

In cooperation with Xart Splitta, we want to help showcase Native/indigenous films in Berlin, Germany through Fall/Winter 2018. My work at this point is voluntary, but I want to continue helping Natives present and represent themselves, especially in a country where “Indian” stereotypes are happily, pervasively common yet just as damaging and misrepresentative. Many really […]