Thoughts on Our Protectors & Trauma Project for Supporters of #StandingRock

As a Master’s student at MSU Bozeman (Native American Studies), holding a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, and who selectively counsels: intergenerational historical trauma, native mental health, healing and suicide are my main research subjects. I continue a submitted and approved research study on causal factors of native suicide. As a survivor, my focus and […]

Public Statement: The Karl May Festival, Museum & Repatriation Situation

Update 4 February 2016: The Karl May Museum reneges on its agreement to return native human remains. Unfortunately, I and other natives and allies experienced in German and Native American interaction were disregarded by the native negotiator who first attempted this because they didn’t accept the German mindset and employed strategies that didn’t and wouldn’t […]

The Difference of Indians: Addressing Elitism

“If my ancestors did not hide their identity then I wouldn’t be here today. My band of Apache was killed down to only 30 at one time…. So how can you say those who gave up their identity did not suffer any hardship from being native and their descendents are undeserving?”— A comment on native […]