19Nov #RadioShow “The Voices”-Red Haircrow on #StandingRock #NoDAPL International Solidarity

On 19 November 2016, on “The Voices” radioshow broadcast, hosted by Shanti Suki on Reboot.fm in Berlin, Germany, I was thankful for the opportunity to share information and perspectives on Standing Rock and the NoDAPL movement in North Dakota, USA while they shared Native American music from artists like Frank Waln, Nataanii Means, Cree Nation and Tribe Called Red. The NoDAPL indigenous led movement of water protectors and allies continue to resist big oil corporation corruption and disregard for the earth despite repeated, brutal attacks that has seen hundreds arrested and injured, while mainstream news barely reports or only shared skewed information in favor of their owners: big corp of course!

Latest updates from Standing Rock, Nov. 21, 2016: Water Protectors Attacked by Police With Water Cannons in Subzero Temperatures.

Note: As stated in the broadcast, observations, opinions and perspectives are my own based on firsthand information and available news from native sources. No presentation as being representative of any tribe, organization or group. Just thankful for the opportunity to help raise more awareness and spread info worldwide.

Ways to Support Standing Rock Directly

There is a dire need for serious cold weather clothing, tents, yurts, sleds, vehicles that can withstand the harsh weather of North Dakota. Camp representatives have stated they’ve received many clothing donations but they are not suitable for the sometimes –30c weather and snowstorms. Many of the lists below include specific items, materials and brands that are known to be good quality. Some are higher priced items (vehicles, medical equipment, etc.) so it is suggested that maybe people or companies combine their funds to make a purchase.

In particular the legal defense funds are critical. Per person, bail money and cost of legal counsel and trial is very expensive, and for some water protectors the false charges have been increased to serious felonies. Legal defense funds helps get them out of jail (out of dog kennels and away from abuse) while they await trial. Continue reading “19Nov #RadioShow “The Voices”-Red Haircrow on #StandingRock #NoDAPL International Solidarity”