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An award-winning author/poet, freelance news correspondent, chef and former law enforcement officer of mixed Native American descent (Chiricahua Apache/Cherokee) who lives in Berlin, Germany. Red Haircrow holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, and is a Graduate Student at Montana State University Bozeman. Flying With Red Haircrow, is Red’s multi-media indie company. All comments, feedback and inquiries can be directed to theredhairedcrow at Unless noted, all photos were taken by and are the property of Red Haircrow ©2010-2015. All rights reserved.



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Healing Relationships 2

Originally posted on Awakening the Horse People:


Though we may experience intense feelings of loneliness that are very real, We are never actually “alone”.

Though it may feel like we are isolated without relationships in the world, the reality is very different.

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A Reality of 2014 Revealed

It has been said by a certain individual that I inexplicably„Disappeared. Cut contact with all former friends.“

I have not disappeared. I have been working at one particular location for three years which hasn’t changed, and continue going about my life in Berlin as I always have, plus the addition of my son. I have continued interaction with mutual friends and others with whom I have a personal affinity, understanding and/or like. I have continued my professional pursues, as well as undertaken another degree, which is very time intensive.

These two statements above are perfect examples of how someone can create and spread bias and „false truths“ based on their own limited perspective, personal interest or lack of responsibility of their actions.

The Reality:

For several months of 2014, actively from May until October, following a few unacceptable incidents regarding misunderstood information, attempts to control and some very skewed actions and negatives comments about my son, I was the focus of intense vehement verbal abuse, bullying, harassment and slander by this former friend. At that time, despite attempting to rectify the situation with the help of a voluntary mediator, I continued to receive slurs, taunts and insults to the point I cut all personal ties and contact with this person, blocked my phone and especially any SMS messages because of the spam level amounts.

However, for whatever reasons they may have felt reasonable, they continued to slander my name, lying and creating fantasies about my character and actions denigrating me to mutual acquaintances as well as potential business partners. The latter can prosecutable due to the fact their slander could effect my financial and economic status through lost projects, and my professional reputation, and in some cases did.

At the end of 2014, I again attempted to arrange a meeting to rectify the situation with the voluntary assistance of a mediator and was ignored and unacknowledged. I moved on, yet still continue to receive information they continue the spread misinformation about me.

I was raised that you do not disrespect older people by contradicting them, arguing with or disrespecting them in word or deed, even if you may not agree. I was also raised that you did not backstab or lie about other people, and you listen when someone tries to talk to you. I believe I was remiss in not directly addressing their lies and behavior as they were initially occurring, but I was raised to try to keep peace, not make trouble and there were more important things in my life to deal with than someone’s personal pique when I had repeatedly and reasonably addressed them.

Having been separated for my son for almost three years, 2014 was a monumental year for us to be together again, with all the difficulties family reunification can have in Germany when you are a foreigner. Being homeless for two and a half months October through mid December was also extremely difficult, and we are still recovering from that trauma with my focus on creating a stable home with my son who struggles with Asperger’s Syndrome, and who is foremost in my life and mind, as any reasonable person should understand and respect.

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Taking Action

Red Haircrow:

Stop the apathy. Stop making excuses.

Someone’s past or present struggles or mistakes shouldn’t be grounds for the dismissal or minimization of their murder. This is the case of Cindy Gladue whose killer, Bradley Barton, whether premeditated or accidental was acquitted of her murder though lying about their relationship, the circumstance and his part in her severe internal injury, leaving her to bleed to death in a hotel bathtub…..

Read her story, which is reflective of thousands of indigenous woman in a number of years which officials and Harper dismiss.

“Write to Alberta Justice Minister and Solicitor General Jonathan Denis. Express your moral outrage, grave concern for public safety and the miscarriage of justice for Cindy Gladue. Tell him your letter is a vote of non-confidence from us, Gladue’s fellow citizens, in the verdict of not guilty for Bradley Barton, the man who caused her violent death.”

Originally posted on Elisabeth de Mariaffi:

***Please be aware that this post discusses a recent violent crime. Details may be upsetting. images

As a woman in this country, sometimes I think the real question is: When do we start rioting? Earlier this week Ontario resident Bradley Barton was acquitted in the murder of Cindy Gladue, an Aboriginal sex worker. Gladue died four years ago, in a hotel bathtub in Edmonton. Barton is the one who called it in. He told 911 operators that he’d found an unknown woman dead in his hotel bathroom, but CCTV later revealed that Barton and Gladue had spent time together over the previous two evenings. In court, Barton pleaded that her death was accidental, a result of rough sex. Gladue bled to death, caused by an eleven-centimetre stab wound along the right side of her vagina. Acting chief medical examiner Graeme Dowling testified that considerable force would have been needed to cause the wound.

No one consents to…

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