NEW! Teaser for Our Documentary “Forget Winnetou!” Coming in 2017

NEW! From Flying With Red Haircrow Productions, the interview trailer for Forget Winnetou: Going beyond #NativeAmerican #Stereotypes in #Germany. Coming in 2017, it’s the fruition of years of work and experiences, from myself and colleague Timo Kiesel.

“Native stereotypes damage everyone, especially young people, especially in a country with a genocidal history. It teaches its okay to be culturally abusive to others and perpetuate misconceptions. Winnetou is the ultimate native stereotype.”

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2 thoughts on “NEW! Teaser for Our Documentary “Forget Winnetou!” Coming in 2017

  1. About “forget Winnetou”
    Did you people read Winnetou?
    Do you realize, that former Karl May readers have a positive attitude to native americans?
    Do you accept my theory, that US-Americans started a more positive view on native americans after movies like LITTLE BIG MAN and DANCING WITH THE WOLVES, whereas “our”Winnetou has given us Germans much earlier the sensitivity towards first nations situation?

    1. There’s only one person on this website, and that’s me. But have you chosen to read the film’s website? Each of your questions is answered there. We are well aware that Germany is different than the US in its treatment of natives, and this is what we wish to positively build on. Helping those who have appreciation, but some of whom don’t realize how harmful and damaging stereotyping of natives is, can only improve and strengthen the connection between not only Germans, but other Europeans as well.

      You’ll find ours is an educational move to help encourage a more balanced intercultural exchange that does not continue colonial mindset and behaviors, in part by:

      1) Presenting NATIVE perspective on things impacting THEIR cultures and identities,
      2) Correcting much of the misinformation that’s been accepted as factual or probable,
      3) Presenting practices and possibilities with native backing as a means to show better, more mutually respectful ways to show appreciation for native peoples

      Facts and reality reject your theory that Hollywood films somehow made view of natives more positive. Natives are the most murdered, raped, abused, in poverty and poisoned by pollution and ignored due to institutional racism and discrimination in the US and Canada. Just look to #StandingRock right now. Chaco Canyon, the Confluence, Moadag Thadiwa, Sabal Pipeline. I could go on and on. Also consider, you just named films made by white people about natives. You didn’t name any by natives about themselves, fiction or non-fiction, although there are many. This is problematic, and a good example of what we’re talking about and what so many others are combating at this very moment. Why don’t you know about those films? Because the films by non-natives with stereotypes and misinformation are more popular as they satisfy the desire for stereotypes. Or consider films by non-natives who work closely with native nations and peoples to help them present themselves on their own terms. Check out Steven Lewis Simpson.

      That is also what we’ll discuss in our documentary. Why representation of ourselves is so important. In your message, you made it about “you” Germans, your feelings. This is about Native Americans. If you have such sensitivity, then you should be sensitive to the harm stereotypes do to natives as a whole, and consider how support of stereotypes continues that damage. Personally, I wouldn’t even begin to make such a film in the US. In Germany, I hope they’ll be more who are willing to understand and think of native feelings instead of their own desire for fantasy. “Just because it’s fiction, doesn’t mean it’s harmless.”

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