Upcoming Events, 2022 & Montecristo Magazine

As I mentioned in a previous post, after several years of caring for my son who needed extensive medical support, and the multi-leveled effects of the Corona Pandemic so many of us having been direly affected by financially and emotionally, in 2022 I will have more time to return to my projects and working with persons and groups who understand reciprocity.

A bit obscure, but that means working with those who don’t just ask for you to fulfill their requests, but are also helping to effect positive changes together against racism, sexism, ableism, capitalism and the deeply flawed “value” systems of the west that consider worthless/worth less some than others.

I am especially excited to return to my writing projects, two fantasy novels, the sequel to one of my contemporary love stories and an RPG on cultural reconnection. And finally, after the reading traumatization of grad school, I hope to prepare my professional paper and other research reports for publication.

But here’s one “outside” event already scheduled:

December 2021 – January 2022: “Indigenous history is World history – Critical Understanding” at Freie University, Berlin.

10 December – “Why correction of history is important”
17 December –  “The abolition of colonialism: inside and outside”
7 January -“Positive expansion – Adjusting world view”
14 January – “Correlation and cooperation as next steps”

And in the autumn 2021 issue of Montecristo Magazine: “The Frankfurt Book Fair Sheds Light on Germany’s Strange Obsession with Indigenous Culture”. I was interviewed along with others, on the topics of Germany, Hobbyism and Cultural Appropriation in Writing and Literature, and the oft underlying issues of Eurocentrism, Racism & White Privilege. 

Read the full article at link: “Haircrow says publishers tend to look for “recognizably Indigenous” stories. “It forces the Indigenous person to limit themselves if they want to get published in a traditional way,” he says. “They limit what readers are receiving. It’s a huge disservice to readers and to the writers.”