“Saturday, In the Park…” It Was Almost the 4th of July

(This is one of my favorite posters ever. It’s definitely eye-catching as you endeavor to figure out what it is advertising exactly…) The title of this piece comes from the American band, Chicago, and their song “Saturday in the Park” which came out in my birth year: 1972. Today Berlin was hot, hotter than it’d […]

Photos from Berlin & Scenes from “The Agony of Joy”

1-31 July 2016, this ebook is free for Smashwords July Sitewide promotions. Background about the novel: The partially finished manuscript of “The Agony of Joy” had been “on pause” on my computer, in a folder within a folder. I do that occasionally when I have a story or idea I’m still meditating on, yet don’t […]

Back At Scharmützelsee: Germany (Photos)

As much as I love Scharmützelsee, the lake I’ve written about numerous times here (for example, Night On the Lake), I was somewhat ambivalent about going this trip. Only a relatively short ride: by bus, then S-bahn (local) train, a change to an inter-regional train and then to yet another bus…well, it’s a relatively short […]

“You’re All the Same!” American Indians From A European Perspective (Photos)

American Indians have long been romanticized or vilified in Europe and other places, even North America for that matter. Many wrong ideas, stereotypes and long-held assumptions continue to persist even in this day and age, and generalizations and flat out ignorance exist about indigenous peoples from the blatant level to the subtle. Much of it […]