Photos of a SE Native American Regalia “Shake’Em Out”

Some natives in the southeast and more easterly USA these days call the clothing they wear to pow-wows and other function “regalia”. My friend Lakota Rosebud Lady, a Brulé, says they just call them clothes or by their names like jingle dress, ribbon shirt or something like that, if applicable. We thought that was funny […]

Berlin’s First Real Snow of the Year: Am Volkspark Wilmersdorf

It’s the neighborhood where I used to live, so there are fond memories of it: near Bundesplatz in Wilmersdorf…a southwestern district of Berlin.  Also it’s one of the major setting in my upcoming release, novel, The Agony of Joy, for which I took photos of the paths my characters walked and where they lived in […]

A Sweat Lodge At The Lake & A Stroll in Diensdorf

It was a last minute thing when I got the call this past Wednesday. My friend at the lakehouse was having a sweat lodge that had been planned for several weeks but when the leader had to bow out at the last moment, she turned to me to try to find a replacement or either […]

Silhouettes & Sunset at Scharmützelsee

Referencing the previous post Fading Summer, Finding New Songs & Flying Crows posting a few more photos of my spur of the moment trip to the lakeside. All photos are by me, and please do not use them without permission especially (and you know who you are) do not save and upload them as your own […]

Fading Summer, Finding New Songs & Flying Crows

When I am trying to relax, to slow my heart-rate, and calm my mind, I lay and look out of the window and from my view I see the top of a neighboring apartment building and the leafy crowns of several tall trees. On Friday, it was particularly windy in a city that is often […]