“We’re a Culture, Not a Costume” in Germany: Confronting and Informing the Ignorant

Rainald Grebe (artist/performer/comedian) slowly walks out on-stage in a slow, manner as if lacking intellect, while dressed in a pathetic mish-mash of Indianer (the German word for Native Americans of North America), and the audience immediately begins to laugh. That’s the intro for one of Rainald Grebe’s stage shows. It is not funny. Upcoming December, […]

Big River Cree “The Old Way”

Sometimes when I’m here…here in Germany that is, which I might prefer for a variety of reasons regarding living and working conditions, even and understandably so, there is nothing that compares with being “at home” as far as the People are concerned: music, sounds, voices, etc. Various tribes of the Americas have come together at […]

2012 in Review at Redhaircrow.com

Considering its my birthday, and despite starting a 2nd week with the flu, I thought I’d share this site’s stats for my general post. A stat that stood out for me? I had visitors from 98 countries: thank you for taking the time to drop by. No, I don’t have a great number of visitors […]

Recurring Spider Dreams & Interpretations

The dream I had was this: I am in a kitchen, which is rather shadowy and like one I remembered from my childhood. I am standing near a counterop looking out through shuttered windows that must have afternoon sun outside them. I focused back in closer, and I realize there is a small spider hanging […]