“F— Assimilation”: Keeping it Real as Native Americans

Here it’s not exactly often, but it’s definite when it happens, but if someone mentions Native Americans, you’ll have someone who moans and shakes their head saying something like, “I’ve seen how they live, it’s horrible. Drugs. Alcoholism. Just awful.” Wasn’t very different in the USA. I correct such people when I can, attempting to […]

Near Death Experiences: “Where You’ll Find Me”

For my final exam of the semester I had to write an extended description of what a “near death experience” is, similarities between research study participants, etc. In the textbook the course was using, a near death experience was described as “the distinctive state of recall associated with being brought back to life from the […]

Homo-Ignorance: Are You Part of the Problem?

We’ve heard the term homophobic but how about being homo-ignorant? Even if you’re GLBTIIQ, even if you support those who are, might you be guilty? The “ignorant” part of the word homo-ignorant is not to suggest someone is stupid, a moron or mentally challenged, but rather to suggest they simply do not know something accurately […]