Summer BBQ-ing Photos (Wishful Thinking)

Snow is predicted yet again here in Berlin, but at least it’s not supposed to be as cold as the -12 we’ve been hitting recently. Some photos of summer barbeques and seriously looking forward to family, friends & grilled meats and garden patios. All photos by me. Advertisements

Poem: Conversation With A Former Nazi

I began this poem after briefly sketching down some ideas following an encounter on the way to work. I live in Berlin, must take the M-10 tram from Frankfurter Tor to my stop on Danzigerstraße. One morning, average number of people on the tram, I was standing at one end with a quite older man […]

Berlin’s First Real Snow of the Year: Am Volkspark Wilmersdorf

It’s the neighborhood where I used to live, so there are fond memories of it: near Bundesplatz in Wilmersdorf…a southwestern district of Berlin.  Also it’s one of the major setting in my upcoming release, novel, The Agony of Joy, for which I took photos of the paths my characters walked and where they lived in […]

Too Much Time At Rathaus Charlottenburg, Berlin (Photos)

If you move to Germany you have to register your location, the place you live or will be living, and this requires going to the Rathaus of the district of the city you live in as that’s where the Bürgeramt. In my case, that’s Berlin, and specifically Charlottenburg. My current roommate is a film producer, […]

Stille Nacht: A Flash Memoir- 21 June 2011

Looking out of the window down to what I could see of the lake, for in summer the lush greenery mostly obscures the shifting waters except for slivers of misty grey, I was playing a CD of songs I’d collected over the years. Its title “soundtracks” was written on the burned disk and since it […]